As a director of Suggy’s Gym in Newark and the mother of three professional fighters, Karen Sugden knows all about the importance of finding the right treatment for sports-related injuries.

“Since we first heard about cryotherapy three years ago, my sons have each had treatments for different reasons, with Regis finding it particularly beneficial after a serious injury which needed major surgery,” says Karen.

“Whether it’s for pain relief, tissue repair, speeding up recovery time or even increasing endurance and training efficiency, the results speak for themselves. And it’s not just for elite athletes – anyone working out regularly can benefit from the treatments too.”

Not surprising then that, when she was offered the opportunity to train as a cryotherapist with Alla Pashynska of Ice Health Cryotherapy in Kensington, Karen jumped at the chance and has now set up Cryo Health and Beauty UK, the only clinic across the East Midlands currently offering these treatments.

But preventing or treating sports-related injuries is just one aspect of her company. “Cryotherapy isn’t only about health, it has a range of other applications which I will be offering clients,” she adds.

“If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to smooth out facial lines, reduce wrinkles and eliminate puffiness around the eyes, cryo facials can start to give you a clearer, tighter appearance from the very first treatment.

“And if you want  to reduce cellulite, lose inches or improve shape and definition, cryo shaping is a natural and effective alternative to liposuction and crash dieting.”

For more information about the various treatments Karen has to offer, check out the Cryo Health and Cryo Beauty pages.

If you still have questions about whether cryotherapy is for you, you may find the answers you’re looking for here – or just Get In Touch with Karen for a chat or to arrange a free consultation.